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Originally Posted by flamer82 View Post
I'm from Australia and i used to use a sheet of pvc plastic its 3mm the company i used to work for had sheets about 2x1 metres i found it was great for putting out in the back yard and shooting on but over time its slowly cracked and i'm now at the point where i don't really have any pieces to shoot on so i was wondering whether or not anyone knows where to get anymore or maybe even other surfaces people use in summer time to do some shooting practice on. I really dont want to get anything off the internet from a specific website im more looking for something that is crap and cheap that i can get. Thanks for any info.
Thrifty Whiteboard...$11.87 USD at Lowe's last time I bought one, it's 8 x 4 feet (2.439 x 1.219 meters), but I had them cut it at the hardware store in half (two 4x4), and then one of the halves in half (two 2x4) so that I could get them into my car.

Spray on WD-40, wipe it down with paper towels or a rag and let it dry off a minute, and then you are good to go.

This summer I took the board out to an outdoor squash court and shot pucks at the walls there. 15 foot tall cinderblock walls on 3 sides and a fence behind me kept everything relatively contained.

By the end of the summer, the thing was pretty much ruined from dirt and rain scratching it up pretty badly, but hey, it was $3 worth of board. Just don't store them where they could get wet, they will warp.

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