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02-19-2011, 08:47 AM
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were your skates fitted properly by a competent hockey shop worker? if they weren't, then that will always be the wildcard without anyone seeing you skate or how your feet fit in the boot.

if they were fitted properly, then it could a combination of things including your muscles becoming acclimated to skating or your arches just not lining up properly on the inner sole of the boot(this can be remedied by aftermarket insoles) to how you're tying your skates like was already stated.

another thing that i've been seeing lately though that seems to be overlooked is the type of footwear you're wearing on any given day prior to skating. i've experienced this myself where if i wear something without any arch support, like slippers or flip flops all day, then i'll get a pressure right in my arches when i go to skate.

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