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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I think you're very much overplaying how "dominant" those teams were.

It was either that or pessimistic

I think your take is overly doom and gloom.

The perfect team? Dominant team?

I must have missed watching this team you're speaking of play. I remember a very deep exciting offensive team in 05-06.

The dominant team in the 05-06 season was Ottawa not us. Thats why it was an upset when we kncoked them off. I wouldn't think the perfect dominant team would ever be considered an underdog.

In 06-07 we no longer had the depth of the previous year. We had also become a smaller and more finesse team. We all knew they were going to have issues in the playoffs due to their lack of size and toughness. Any team with a strong forecheck and strong defensive play would be able to give us fits in the playoffs. Its why we hardly dominated any of the playoff series that year before getting pummeled by the Sens.

Right here.... I don't think we will ever win a cup building around him, and our best chance has come and gone

That seems pretty straight forward to me. You don't feel we can win a Cup with Miller. That the window is closed. Now you're backtracking and talking about us winning the division last year?

Based on what exactly? What this team will look like in the next 3 years is not known. Yet you've already dismissed it as having no chance to win anything.

The funny thing is I know you're one of the postsers that were ripping the 05-06 + 06-07 teams as being too soft. Now you're trying to portray them as being dominant and perfect.

Why don't you just say you don't like Miller and don't think we can win with him.
I can't setup my post structure like you did, still haven't learned after all these years, so hang with me. I will try to break down my answers in the order you replied.

Being one of the deepest and best teams in hockey, I don't feel I'm overstating how dominant them teams were, but fair enough that you disagree.

As for pessimistic, that's better than melodramatic.
I don't agree, I consider myself a person who calls as I see, but anybody that throws their opinion on a forum is opening themselves up to be judged by others. Therefore, I can't argue with your perception of me, even though I disagree.

I'm sure we can find holes in any dominant team, but I agree with all that you said about them Sabres teams. As for the fact we were underdogs going into the playoffs, I'm looking at the final result that season. We rolled through them playoffs, showing we were a dominant team in the process. It was a fluke that Carolina beat us, the injuries on the back end were fluky and killer. On the other hand, we had the lead going into the 3rd period of game 7, heck of an effort. I still feel that the Sabres win their first cup that season, if they find a way to beat the 'Canes. On top of that, Miller had a .908 save percentage in them playoffs, far from a cup winning goalie performance.

As for the following season, yuck is all I will say. Miller was much better for them playoffs, with a very good .922 save pct. Heavy disappointment and far from Miller's fault but the play that sticks out to me is Alfie's game winner to eliminate us. Go back and watch the goal, is it the soft wrister from just inside the blueline? If not, then I'm wrong about that season, and apologize.

Both playoff seasons, Miller was solid, but never did enough to put us over the top. I want my franchise goalie to steal games in the playoffs, if need be. Going into the 3rd period of game 7 of the ECF, I want to see my teams goalie slam the door shut, no matter the circumstances. Miller always seemed along for the ride, but rarely stood out as the guy who could carry us, if need be. The one exception that stands out in my brutal memory, is the Rangers series in 06-07. I thought that was the best PO series of his career, even if the numbers don't back me up. He out dueled King Henrik, and was the goalie I always hoped he could be. If it wasn't for Miller, we don't get past the Rangers, and that is the only series of his career I remember feeling that way.

I don't feel I was back tracking at all. 16 teams qualify for the playoffs, not exactly the elite of the elite. I felt he continued his strong play from the regular season, and his stats back that up, but slamming the door in the 3rd period with a lead didn't happen. In no way, shape or form, did I feel last seasons team had a chance to win the cup, so I would have to say that wasn't a cup winning team, in my opinion. If you want to use semantics, then I guess since we were in the playoffs we were a cup contender, but I don't agree.

I personally feel that the core of this team is rotten, and most of it will be here the next 3 seasons. Therfore, I don't think we will seriously contend until some/most of the core is gone.

I don't think it's funny that them dominant teams were soft, and I recall you being in agreement with me. Worker bees is how you phrased our need, and as usual you put it much more succinctly then I could have. In todays NHL, every dominant team has reasons a fan could be worried about, it's the nature of the beast.

I won't say I don't like Miller, because it's not true. I root for the logo on the front, not the name on the back. I have players I like more than others, but it's impossible for me not to like a player wearing a Buffalo Sabres jersey. There are players I could live without, but once the puck drops I root my tail off for every player.

I don't think we can win with Miller, and don't think we will ever win a cup as long as we are building around him. I'm against building from the net out, period. As the last few Stanley Cup winners have shown, you don't need a dominant goalie, and certainly building around one doesn't guarantee your chances for success.

I'll take an average goalie, on a much lower salary then Miller, and fix holes in other areas. 6 million for a goalie with a career .914 save pct and 2.57 gaa, is not something I prefer.

In the meantime, I will root hard that I'm wrong. Anybody that has dealt with me knows I don't have to be right, to be happy. If presented an opinion that differs than mine, I've shown I will change my mind. I've been wrong far more than right in my life, and am not afraid to admit it.

Thank you very much joshjull, for politely debating the point with me. As usual, you present an excellent argument, and this could possibly be the longest post I've ever written. No coincidence that is was in reply to you.

To the others that replied, I apologize I don't have time to answer. I feel you have valid arguments also. I'm getting "the look" from Mama, she is due with our 3rd child any day now (already been to the hospital for false labor twice) and I still have to put finishing touches on the baby's room.

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