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02-19-2011, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by johnbull86 View Post
the Goalie interference call blew my mind...

it was a total joke how much the refs just turned their cheek.. I even remember late everyone was calling for the penalty and the ref twisted his hand back & forth saying that it was kinda a penalty but he wasn't calling it..

otherwise .. I've never been at such a pumped/hostile regular season game.. the fans really showed up and nor have I ever heard "Refs you suck" chanted so many times at Bridgestone.. and I agree that chanting that does no good.. about as much sense us saying hey you suck when we do good but whatever I go along with it anyways

They Blew the entire game.. and tried to suck the life out of the building.. we didn't quit in the 3rd and pekka of course

another thing, why wouldn't they just let o'brien throw the gloves down for once.. lol
I think it lets the refs know that 16,000 people have a sharply different opinion. You won't get away with doing a very poor job without taking some abuse. Would you prefer people climbing over the glass or throwing fruit? This isn't Europe.

I have seen some really bad games in Milwaukee. Back in 1990, there was a riot. The game was halted for 20 minutes to remove the debris from the ice. That was the middle of the second period after the third 5-on-3 called against Milwaukee and just after Coach Curt Fraser was ejected. The other team broke some sticks over Admirals players and none of those were called. That ref needed 10 cops to get off the ice after the game and never worked another IHL game here again. Even the newspaper said he stunk! Maybe if the Preds fans do that once, Bettman will wake up and hold the on-ice officials accountable for stealing a paycheck some nights.

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