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Originally Posted by Chariot View Post
Why does this team just get pushed to the periphery so often? Last night they had 2-3 quality chances and the rest are all bad angle peripheral stuff from the outside.

Is it just that they are too young to man up when the games get big? No one will attack the net, go to the $$$ areas for fear of getting injured?

Are they too small?

I know they are not the most skilled bunch but to me that means you attack the net even more, if you dump you chase hard and battle to get to the front of the net and muck it up.

Do they think they are more skilled than than they are?

What do you think Torts tells them looking at the video from games like last night? Its not just last night, they do it all the time when they lose. Stay to the outside where it's safe and maybe get a shot off at a bad angle and see if someone else will do the dirty work.

It's like this team is coached by Markus Naslund without the skill

I know it looks easier watching at home, but come on...
Chariot, there is one reason and one reason for it only.

Our worthless transition game. We look exactly like Atlanta for example did against us in the PO's when we swept them. When IK and Hossa were invisible for 4 straight games.

Torts gameplan is just flawed.

This is the problem
-We get the puck deep in our own end. The order from the coach is then to head up ice ASAP.
-Our D's make a long pass up ice, often to one of our wingers.
-The player that gets the puck, is often the one forward we have the highest up ice.
-That puck is re-directed by the winger into the attacking-zone, and our winger is then often hits by a D.
= Whats the result?
-The puck is at the endboards.
1. We have one winger at the attacking blueline, who is slowed down by a hit.
2. We have a center and another winger basically at the redline heading up ice.
3. We have two D's in our own zone, heading up ice.
Our forward with the puck just gets completely isolated high up ice. It's the textbook book flaw with playing pre-lockout hockey in the post lockout game. It does not matter how hard we work, we will just not be able to get a hold of the other team.

The positive is that we do not give away pucks in the neutralzone. This system is designed to break traps. You can not really trap against a team like that. Not NJD 1995 type of trap at least. People say that NJD trapped last night. They actually did not. Lemiere just put a D in the corner in his defensive zone, and when we re-directed a long pass into the attacking zone, we had no chance to put pressure on NJD's D. They already fetched the puck when we crossed the attacking blueline.

We give up possesion by design.

If we play against a team that keeps the possesion of the puck -- the momentumgame is basically lost on forehand.

If we face a team that:
1. Trys to play a puckpossesion game, but
2. fails at doing so. Struggles. Plays sloppy. Makes misstakes.
=Then we will eat them up.

But when we face a team that does not shoot themselfs in the foot, then we are screwed basically.

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