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07-21-2005, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by ChillyWilly
We made a mistake trading Neely...lets hold on to Todd, he'll bounce back and well i'd rather keep him over Naslund, at least Todd is staying and has the support, Naslund will loose his support once his agent and him confirms that he wants to be filthy rich (under cap rules).
Naslund will only lose support from those fans that can't appreciate what a player has already brought the team.... and there are alot of such fans in Vancouver - fairweather fans that will abandon their support for players because they feel the player owes them for some reason.

He won't lose support from those fans that recognize the class, effort and work ethic he has given this team for every season he's been a part of it.

From my POV, he's earned respect. And that doesn't change because he wants to finish his career with the biggest contract he can get. He has earned it.

I wish canuck fans can be as classy with Naslund's decision - whatever it is - as he's been with this organization and the fans from day 1. He doesn't owe this franchise anything more than he's given. He's honored every contract and never complained about it... he's earned his UFA rights and the right to explore the market and find the best contract and/or best fit for him and his family - AS HE SEES IT.

Anyone who wants to bash him for his decision - whether it's returning or leaving - should learn some class from a player that has been nothing but during his career in Vancouver.

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