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02-19-2011, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by scoutman1 View Post
ya Lazar told me Nathan was just amazing, said all they did was put two guys on him and the rest of the team wasn't gonig to do much, said sometimes they had to put three guys on him just to contain him, he thought MacKinnon was the best player he had ever played against and said if he was on a team like us or alberta even quebec the kid would hands down be out scoring everyone by far, and I would have to agree with him, though not saying any bad against Lazar he is amazing in his own sense.
Your bias for Mackinnon is painfully obvious in this one. Lazar clearly was the breakout star/best all around player of this showcase. Disappointing that you can't admit and accept that. "If's" are wonderful, aren't they?

As far as him being the best 1995 in North America, who are we to say? I'm sure there's some elite Americans we haven't seen that could possibly have a say.

He's established himself as being right there with Mackinnon, if not surpassing him. The guy really is the complete package. That hit he laid on Drouin showed just how powerful he is.

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