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02-19-2011, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Alberta tough View Post
I am not jumping on scoutman1 at all. I just think his post where he said Mackinnon was the best 95 is off. If Lazar was not the best player at the CWG BC does not win gold. I thought Lazar was better that is my opinion aswell as many others. As to who will be better down the road who knows? I just feel that Lazar was not getting his dues for being the best player at the tournment.
Why is it off? Because you dont agree with it?? My point is...scoutman1 thinks MacKinnon is better than Lazar...why does that shock people? Why is that any different than you thinking Lazar is better??

Lazar is getting lots of dues...its too bad you think he isnt. Lazar was the focus of conversation for a lot of hockey fans in the city this past week...maybe you werent here to experience that, but the kid is getting his dues.

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