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Originally Posted by Chariot View Post
Lack of Skill

Team simply has not been able to draft Elite level scoring. Maybe Cherry would have been that, but who knows.

Staal looks like he could get there on the blueline and of course Henrik, but none of our forwards, traditional scorers are elite skilled players.

I'm not bashing the draft. Its been MUCH better and these guys are decent good hard working... non elite players.

All the contenders have several homegrown Elite players. Crosby/Malkin, Brahvechkin/Backstrom, Carter/Richards, Dats/Zetterberg, Towes/Kane, Stamkos/St Louis (don't laugh TB is capable of messing teams up in the playoffs)

Rangers just have not drafted the Elite scorer, and its a hard role to fill ufa. Gabby is one guy, even when he's hot it's not enough.

All that said.... maybe Stepan develops into a dominant 1st line C. Maybe MZA develops into something really special. Thats what its going to take to make this team a contender. Its very hard today to build a contender UFA style
Agree with most of this, especially bold^.
Take an face value this was thread was not suggested as a means for witching and moaning, but as an effort to compile constructive suggestions/observations.

Timing is another factor.
NYR almost had it one year in early 70s.
Bobby Orr had 2 goals.
The replay showed one to one side the other to the other.
The goalie, Villemure, could not be faulted in either case.
In the first instance, he left very little room; in the second even less. This was so much so that on the replay, Orr seemed to make the puck stand sideways as it was shot.
You can't make this stuff up.

Sometimes its just not your year.
Orr was the only NHL guy who so dominated, singlehandedly, a la Jordan in the NBA.

But the rest of it is the premium on scoring.
The rink remains the same.

Players are faster, stronger... but so are reflexes.
The good G often beats the good Fs.

Elite exceptions to the rule, of course...

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