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Originally Posted by black ace View Post
Ask Edger Martinez what he thinks of the turf at BC place. Turned him from a 3rd baseman into a DH.

Acquilini doesnt have anything to do with the Whitecaps.

The thing that hurt Vancouver the most was not being allowed to have a top pick for 6 years or whatever it was.

If you take the player picked with the spot Vancouver should have had the first 3 years we would have had:

96 draft:Allen Iverson (1st overall)
97 draft:Tim Duncan (1st overall)
98 draft: Vince Carter (5th overall)

I realize they do a lottery but thats a hell of a lot better than what we ended up with.
You're a year off. the first year of drafting for the Grizzlies was 1995. Might've dodged a bullet there since that #1 pick was Joe Smith. The next 4 picks though were Antonio McDyess, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, and Kevin Garnett. the Grizzlies then picked 5th and got Reeves. still, the fact that Vancouver and Toronto were forced to 5th and 6th instead of being guaranteed top 3 was BS.

IIRC, Vancouver also won the 1998 lottery but were relegated to pick #2 because of that stupid rule. They probably dodged another bullet there though because #1 was Michael Olowokandi and #2 was Mike Bibby. Toronto won the 96 lottery but were screwed out of Allen Iverson and had to take Marcus Camby instead.


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