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02-20-2011, 02:04 AM
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I think oilers have every right to swing for the fences for Hemsky and or Penner

same way King fans swing for the Fences in any discussion about Schenn

With Schenn you have potential and with Hemsky you know what you are getting--when healthy he is a .90 pts per game person--him staying healthy is the fun part--with Schenn it is "He could be he will be".

I am one of the oiler fans that is pushing for Schenn--but it will cost a lot more then Hemsky to get him and the asking price is more then the oilers will be willing to pay

Everyone is under the assumption that the Oilers have to move either hemsky or Penner --but they don't

Unless Eberle, Omark and MPS can step it up--people will start to ask questions about them and resiging both HEmsky and PEnner may look more and more like a good idea.

How the picture looks depends on where you are standing. LA is in a four way tie with 68pts and unless the owner tells DL that he needs to get to the second round this year--DL will stand pat. Kings have lots of kids coming up, they are young and he is building a monster. And unless the owner tells DL he needs the secound round this year--DL may try for say Kovalev from the Sens for a 3rd

"If the Detroit Red Wings are defying gravity" by consistently contending without the benefit of high draft picks, "the Edmonton Oilers are defying lift.

Welcome to Edmonton Connor McDavid--the rest of you HA HA HA HA HA HA
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