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02-20-2011, 03:06 AM
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Originally Posted by AKAY47 View Post
Dean didn't **** up Moulson, Purcell or Boyle. They were all tried on a line with Kopitar at some point and none of them ever worked out, for **** sakes. Purcell and Moulson were both on the PP at some point and Brian Boyle was just in TM's doghouse. None of these guys were able to play in Murray's system, neither was Trevor Lewis until this year, he finally learnt to play physical and use his body. He learnt how to play 2 way hockey, that's what's important to Terry Murray. Matt Moulson, Teddy Purcell and Brian Boyle were all given opportunities to succeed with us but it just didn't work out, simple as that, it wasn't Lombardi's fault? If anything it's Terry Murray's for having the most ****ing ridiculous system in hockey
Moulson though had the least amount of time when comparing the three with Purcell and Boyle. Moulson only saw 29 games with the Kings recording 10 points and scoring 6 goals. Not great, but not awful getting a point every 3 games. In comparison

Moulson GP 29, G 6, A 4
Boyle GP 36, G 8, A 2
Purcell GP 81, G 7, A 15

I thought that losing Moulson was a mistake as I always saw the goal scorers touch with him. You may think I'm full of **** but with Moulson I always knew that somehow the puck would end up in the net. Just one of those guys, I feel the same of Oscar Moller. They might not do it with an amazing move but if you give him too many shots or looks he's going to score.

Boyle and Purcell I thought were given a better opportunity than Moulson and with those two they never lived up to potential. You would see it and then it would just go down hill. Purcell was probably more frustrating than Boyle.

I still think the lack of scoring is a combination of a lack of creativity of the forwards and the system that is used in the offensive zone. There are games where it seems like the Kings never go to the front of the net or the center of the ice. Justin Williams is the only guy that will move forward towards the net and put a shot on goal.

Plus I absolutely hate the forecheck used by the Kings. They never pressure with two men and when they have a chance at creating a rush play instead the Kings back off. Drives me insane, you have the ability of some pretty damn good skaters but you have to rush one man into the zone. It's fricken terrible.

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