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Another interesting thing about the Keats vs. Fredrickson debate, is that Fredrickson never made any PCHA all star teams. The really telling thing is that he didn't even make any all star teams in his one super dominant year in the PCHA, despite blowing the competition out of the water. Mackay made the first team that year, despite getting outscored badly, and it seems like Foyston made the second team. Keats, in the WCHL and WHL, made the first all star team 5 years in a row, every year he was there, despite not always leading the league in scoring. This gives much validation to the previous quote I posted about his sterling defensive play, found here:

The reason that he wasn't as successful as Fredrickson in the NHL is probably because as he aged, he put on too much weight and by 1928, was too slow to make a really huge impact anymore, but still he managed to do pretty well for himself in scoring. I do not believe that he was slow before these years, as the aforementioned article mentioned that he was "quick on his skates", this in 1923, so it was probably a symptom of getting older and fatter.

Keep in mind also that the NHA and it appears the Big-4 league did not have all star teams as far as I'm aware (I did find one case a long time ago of a guy being on the 2nd team in the NHA, but that's it), so it's impossible to know how well he would have done among his peers in this regard, but considering the glowing praise on his overall game in the article up top, I think it's safe to say that he probably would have made the 2nd team at least in the NHA, at least the first year, just based off those intangibles alone. I did find one article from 1917 that was along the lines of "he pestered everyone in sight with backchecking", so it's probably true that he came into the league as a strong back checker, and it wasn't just a skill that he picked up as he grew older. I am working to find more and more on Keats' game away from the puck, and I'm hoping to provide a pretty convincing case that Keats should be distinctly ahead of Fredrickson on an all time list, seeing as how Fredrickson is also a guy I wanted, but a little later on.

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