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02-20-2011, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by hoosierpred View Post
Wow, two horribly refed games in a row. Last night the refs were responsible for a 2 goal swing. The non-high sticking cost us a goal for and the non call on the offsides gave them 1. This is getting ridiculous.
Really? Go watch the replay. While SOB said Morris embellished, his stick was in the side of Morris' head. While I hate that the refs effect the outcome sometimes, the call on SOB was correct. The offsides call sucked but it was no excuse for the defensive breakdown between Klein and Weber either. You play til the whistle blows and both backed off giving dude enough time to shoot the puck past Rinne. And while there was no call on Doan for the hit on Suter, Suter gave him a pretty good check moments earlier and Suter had the puck, got rid of it and Doan gave him payback. While it may not seem fair, if you're gonna hit, be prepared to get hit. It's hockey, it's a tough sport sometimes. I hate that Suter got hurt on that play but that's why you have your head up and if anyone on the team thought it was a cheap shot, they would've stood up for Suter at the time.

This isn't directed at you hoosier. Regardless of whether or not the game was officiated well or not, we still have to go out and skate hard for 60 minutes and we didn't do that at all last night. While the refs certainly didn't help matters, we didn't help ourselves. If we want calls, we have to be skating and playing hard and I just didn't see that at all last night. We were sloppy, not getting pucks deep, turning the puck over, etc. Even Belak commented on this during the game. When your own teammate notices this, something is wrong.

We need to get some consistency with our lines again and get back to 12 forwards forechecking hard every shift to be effective. Sully is done IMO. Wilson is ineffective playing with Ward and Smithson. Get Wilson back with Leggy and Hornqvist. Injuries are not helping matters but it's just an excuse. Guys have to step up.

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