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02-20-2011, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Knight of the Realm View Post

I'm just curious to your thoughts on DLs Position of strenght. I tend to think he is limited and that teams know what he is trying to accomplish. Do you feel his strenght is in the fact that he doesn't really have to make a move?
No, I don't think it is that he doesn't have to make a move because that could be said for most situations when talking about deadline time. His strength is that he has one or two moveable developed NHL assets and one of the most coveted D pools in the game. Most teams would give up an awful lot to nab even one or two of our kid D. We are also dealing from a position of strength in regards to several other prospects but our D is overloaded.

The problem is that we are after what most teams covet as well, a skilled proven top 3 forward. They are simply hard to come by and typically hung onto above most everything else.

Before you give up the farm to bring back a player you just have to make certain that you are getting exactly what you need in return and that you aren't dealing away a player or players that could in a season be giving you the same amount of production or more than what you acquired.

DL can pull the trigger and get us the player that we need, we have the assets to get almost anyone in the game but trying to do it now when players like Parise and Malkin are out injured and Nash has his team in playoff contention (driving his price through the roof) just doesn't make sense.

There are other options out there but I would rather we go target exactlu what we need rather than scramble and settle just to try and make a single run, we are too close to being able to do it on our own.

Next season we add Schenn, Toffoli (potentially) Moller Vey and Kozun into the mix up front along with a few others and I see at two of them making the team. Schenn could easily have a 40 point rookie season and Moller could come close to the same. Who knows what Parse will bring but he certainly has proven that he can provide scoring and we all know that Loktionov is ready to come in and has proven that he can contribute.

We are too close on our own to make a deal for yet another close player, we need to get exactly what we are missing or wait until the offseason when the market opens back up and we have several better options.

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