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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
I don't know the rules behind this, but since you seem to have some rules from the CBA, could you provide a link for this?

since the NHL has never had a salary cap, and it will be a new thing in this CBA, I'm assuming you must have already read this, since you can't deduct this from the old CBA.... unless you're making a comment as fact, that is more assumption than fact?

anyone have any links to the complete new CBA yet?
As provided in Exhibit 8 Procedures Relating To Commissioner Discipline to the CBA:

Effect of Suspension on Salary

The League will calculate the amount of money the player must forfeit due to the suspension.

Within ten days of the Club's final regular season game, the Club involved shall furnish the League with proof that any sums which were to be deducted from the player's salary due to a suspension were, in fact, deducted. The Club shall be responsible for paying an amount equal to the withheld salary to the League office within ten (10) days of the amount being withheld. No such sums shall be returned to the player in any form.
This matter was discussed on TSN and according to sources from the NHLPA (or so it was claimed) the forfeit money while under suspension is included in the definition of player salary for the purposes of the salary cap. I would be most surprised if this was not so, as in both the NBA and NFL CBAs this is the case for disciplinary suspensions. IIRC correctly the forfeit salry is not counted for substance abuse related suspensions.

The new CBA will not likely be available until after ratification by both the NHLPA and BOG.

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