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07-21-2005, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Wetcoaster
As provided in Exhibit 8 Procedures Relating To Commissioner Discipline to the CBA:

This matter was discussed on TSN and according to sources from the NHLPA (or so it was claimed) the forfeit money while under suspension is included in the definition of player salary for the purposes of the salary cap. I would be most surprised if this was not so, as in both the NBA and NFL CBAs this is the case for disciplinary suspensions. IIRC correctly the forfeit salry is not counted for substance abuse related suspensions.

The new CBA will not likely be available until after ratification by both the NHLPA and BOG.
I'm guessing you took that from the last CBA though? I would still be interested in reading the text on this in the current CBA as this is the first one with a salary cap in it.

And it's tough to compare this to the NBA or NFL. From what I've read of both leagues - the NBA has a soft cap, so it's possible to go over it, and this can be necessary when dealing with suspended players that take up a big chunk of your payroll. The NFL allows teams to void signed contracts if they feel the player isn't earning what he signed for... so essentially if Bertuzzi was in the NFL and suspended for 1/2 a season, they could simply void his contract, with no buyout and not have that salary under their salary cap anymore.

With the NHL neither option (voided deals or soft caps) are there... so comparing the situations doesn't necessarily add up.

Once the new CBA is up, it will clear it all, but right now it's all speculation.... I wouldn't be surprised either way though, whether it goes against the cap, or clubs have options around it.

also, important to note that the $39mill salary cap doesn't mean that a club can't have more than that cap number on their roster.... just means that by the end of the year, they have not paid anymore than $39mill in total player salaries. So if Bertuzzi is suspended for the first 20 games, the team is not paying the player that salary, and it could be assumed that they could pay that salary to another player during that time, only to drop (or buyout) that player once Bertuzzi is back, so that they don't, by the end of the year, pay more than $39mill in total salaries.

You will likely see some teams after the deadline holding payrolls of more than $39mill in total annual player salary, if they carry a payroll of less than $39mill till the deadline as a result.

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