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02-20-2011, 02:18 PM
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Lol at the one guy announcing we're a bad team when we are average despite being loaded with rooks, soph's and AHL fodder for large chunks of the season. Clearly we have been a bad team all season which is why we've been in last place all season...oh wait we weren't and aren't. We've been poorly managed forever so I get saying we are poorly managed but the way things are we just have to pray these kids like Stepan will continue to develop.

So many fans are jumping off the cliff b/c of the fact that a team loaded with injuries rooks and soph's is average. I really hope we get BR and he actually lives up to the hype b/c these 1 goal losses just make me think we are so freakin close. Dunno how people can't see that. You have to be blind to think this is actually a bad team. Are they playing bad right now? D'uh. They're in every game but just can't pull it out. Earlier in the season they pulled it out more than enough times and since they're so young I feel we should be giving this team some benefite of the doubt. These aren't the highly paid underperforming vet Rangers. These are kids who fight their a**es off every night.

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