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02-20-2011, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Ah, I'm ignorant, thanks for clearing that up.

I didn't want him hired to begin with.

Both last year and this year, I think the consensus was that we should finish between 6th and 10th. Last season, we finished 9th. We'll probably do the same this year. Is that awful, compared to wear we expected to be? No. But it's on the lower end of what this team is capable of.

Is he doing an awful job? I don't think so.

Is he doing a good job? Not in my opinion. It's more of a "meh" thing.

Obviously, Glen Sather is the ultimate problem. But he's going nowhere. Should I just resign myself to perpetual mediocrity? Nah, I'm not doing that. Cut bait, try something else, maybe we'll end up 6th or 7th instead of 9th or 10th.

It's not as if losing Tortorella would be this horrible event. What is the worst that could happen? Finishing 11th instead of 9th?
Torts did great things with this team earlier in the season. Earlier this season was the happiest i've been as a Rangers fan in years. And then ever since the Vancouver game it's all gone to hell.

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