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02-20-2011, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Pattypred View Post
I've put this off until I could calm down a little. Still really pissed about last night's game and the dirty play of Shane Doan on Suter.

The 2nd PHX goal looked like Suter's stick had been held along the wall (this is what I saw), Suter's stick is out of his hands and the PHX dude walked in.

The 3rd PHX goal should never have happened because they were OFF SIDE. I saw it with my own eyes.

The play that has me the most upset is the play by Doan coming in to retaliate against Suter for Suter knocking Doan off the puck. Suter was fighting along the boards with another PHX player and Doan runs him. I lost ALL RESPECT that I had for Shane Doan. He is a #*^T#%*^*&%^#(*&(#*.

That's just my 2 cents worth.

Damn - I am still pissed, maybe more so now.
Patty, I love ya and you know that but Doan got hit by Suter, Doan repaid Suter. It's a hockey play. Yeah, it sucks that he went out and could be out for a while. If you're gonna hit a big boy, be prepared to get hit by the boy you just hit. Suter was obviously ticked off by it but no one on the team stuck up for him so either no one saw it or they all felt it was an ok hit.

Either way, the team needs to start sticking up for its players. You can't have guys like Suter getting run, whether it was clean or dirty, if you're going to get far in the NHL. Hornqvist gets mugged every game and no one comes to his aid. Sure, he brings it on himself but if you're a team, you back your guys. Suter got hit hard, no one came to his defense, that's what I'd be ticked off about.

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