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02-20-2011, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
I completely agree with you but that further emphasizes my point why it's obvious that he's had to reign it in.

HE IS HELD TO A DOUBLE STANDARD. It's clear as day.And if he were being "Old Sean" and taking penalties for it can you imagine the outrage by these same people criticizing him for toning it down?

I don't disagree he has made his own bed with the refs, but that's no excuse for idiots on here to be blind to the BS calls/non calls he gets.Show some discretion people and call it like it is. It's amazing how people allow their bias to cloud their opinions on this stuff.

Do people really think Sean makes up things like what he said the other day? Where he told the media that refs tell him to "go **** himself" when he asks what he did?

They really think he makes it up for the hell of it?

It is what it is and it's clear as day.
It is clear to me that there is a double standard with him, no doubt.

What bothers me more than the calls against Sean, are the non-calls when he's being fouled.

If the refs feel the need to keep a closer eye on him because of the things he's said and done, so be it, he earned the reputation and closer look from the officials.

WHAT SICKENS ME is when officials turn a blind eye to fouls committed against him. As long as the NHL deems he is worthy of the priviledge of playing in the league, both the league and its officials should be ashamed that they let anyone be held to a different standard when addressign infractions AGAINST a play.

The job of an official is to enforce the rules, if they think one player deserves to be watched more than others because of their history I'm just fine with that, what is NOT ok is to decide during the course of play that an infraction against one player is not the same as an infraction against ANY player. Its unprofessional, and it hurts the integrity of the league.

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