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Originally Posted by TGB52 View Post
You guys want to know why Dean Lombardi never gets his man? It's because D.L has no balls!!! Someone had a fairly appropriate analogy of Dean, compairing him to a poker player that folds all night long. Waiting for that "can't lose hand" is safe, maybe even smart but "you can't win if your not in" and L.A will never be anything more than average with that mentality, not in todays NHL! He's got a a solid core and a ton of valuable prospects and he may be one or two players away from contending. Grow some balls and GO GET YOUR MAN!
go get your what cost? it's a seller's market and as some noted there is only a handful of top-end LW's in the game today. why make a trade when the team doesn't REALLY get the LW it needs and wants? why settle for another mid-tier winger and get bent over for him? then said player becomes LW #XX on the first line, only to not fit what the team needs.

this takes time to build and develop. DL, TL, Luc, Hex, etc......all of these guys at the top of the org have had to rebuild the franchise's mindset and goal. they have had to start from scratch and build the Kings internally. since '67 the franchise was always run as a buyer/seller. always willing to trade away young talent in exchange for the "proven big name NHL player". in that time it had one sniff at a Cup run. off the top of my head there were what, 5 players drafted by LA on that team? the remainder of the roster was made up from trades and free agents, but at what cost when you look at the young players traded away/lost draft picks. one cup run and within 2 years the team was already crashing and being dismantled.

that is no way to run a team for long term success. the head honchoes have had to completely retool the mindset, focus, approach on how this team will be run. let's pray the days of past are gone where aging players came to LA only for the fat retirement contract and not be accountable. the fact LA is being considered by players, coaches, fans and the media as a "good, young, contender" in only year 5 of DL's tenure is great. is it enough? no. the goal is the SC. not once, but multiple runs for it. that isn't going to happen overnight. PATIENCE!!!! you can't be patient, then think back to say about returning to those days and rosters?

DL has pushed the team in five years to a point that it has tied or beat some team records. has DL and others made some bad personnel decisions? of course, it's difficult to determine how a 18-22 year old kid will develop. the easy ones are the first and second rounders for the most part. the third and later round picks are even more of a crap shoot.

DL needs to make a trade now!!!! then on the back side what? people ***** about him giving up Boyle, Purcell, Moulson, etc.....because "DL needed to make that deadline deal" because fans were yelling for results. well since '67 those deadline deals haven't done much for LA.

stomp your feet, hold your breath and yell all you want. LA i think is still 2-3 seasons away from the 'league elite' status where they will make the cup runs. the team has built from the goal line out as it should with depth. we are strong in net and D. the org now has to draft and develop the forwards needed. there must be a constant pipeline of talent coming from MAN to LA. without having this pipeline, your 'one and done' look at CHI this season. in the salary cap era a team needs to be able to supplement players lost to $$$, with equal talent but for less $$$. the depth is also necessary to fill injured players and remain in the playoff race. the West is ridiculous and in order to stay in the race teams have to have depth.

so be patient, stay the course; otherwise resort back to the tried and fail "trade and buy" days that have amounted to one SC run and zero Cups. if not then make another Purcell + 3rd for a Halpern......only to ***** about trading Purcell when he suddenly develops

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