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Originally Posted by BigZackKassian View Post
And this is why fans don't run the team.

This isn't a fantasy league where trades like that just happen on a whim. You could argue that the recent STL/COL trade was a "fantasy league" trade, but it was hardly one because it was clear that Johnson had basically worn out his welcome in STL and the management was ready to move on.

Why talk down to it? The team gets a sniff of a playoff spot and the most important players on the roster immediately begin to disappoint. Regier states that he has plans to be active at the deadline, yet the roster has needed improvement for months.

A change larger than adding a rental or dumping a UFA is called for.

After going to the last two games, I am also sick of it. You know who else is getting sick of it? Other people who buy tickets. Granted, I didn't try to sell many of my games the year after the lockout, but this is the most difficult that it has been for me to sell games that I can't attend since I have been a STH.

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