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02-20-2011, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by sheed36 View Post
How so? So you think the Habs fanbase is the only fanbase that whines and complains when their team fails to show up and plays like **** huh..
Because as soon as this team faces any adversity the fans are the first to jump off the ship and yell from the shore that they never liked the boat anyway. I'm not gonna lie and say I never acted this way in the past, but I thought last year's playoff run would humble some in that respect like it did me. Every time this team was counted out they fought back. Nobody gave them a chance, myself included, against Washington and they won a 7 game thriller. Even less of a chance against Pittsburgh, and they gave us more great memories.

And the funniest part about that run? The fans said they never lost faith, which was a crock of **** for 99% of us. We were ready to crap all over them had they lost game 7 in Washington. But they didn't, and like I said I thought that would be a great lesson in humility, but I guess it wasn't.

Truthfully I was being generous in my assessment. If this team reflected the fanbase they'd have folded up when Markov went down for the season. People pegged them to be an 8th place team with him, and currently they're a 6th place team without him. But evidently they have no heart and no desire because they're having a bad stretch in February.

Maybe I'm an idiot for still being positive about this team, but I'd like to think a small stretch mid-season isn't indicative of a team's play. Maybe they will tailspin out of control and not make the playoffs. Who knows? But if they don't fall apart, and if they do make the playoffs, when I say I was behind them the whole time I don't want to have to lie about it.

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