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02-20-2011, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by EucaLEAFtys View Post
Sorry OP, but IMO this proposal is a fail on more than one level.

1. The Leafs just recently acquired Gardiner (a puck-moving OFD which they desperately need); they would be very stupid to try to flip him in any deal at this point in time.

2. While Bozak has been MIA offensively this season, his defensive game has improved and he has become one of the Leafs' best PK'ers. He'll likely be qualified for next season at a very affordable price and become the Leafs' 3rd line center as he has developed some really good chemistry with Armstrong.

3. Even though the two 1st round picks (from BOS & PHI) are very likely to both be quite late in a purportedly 'weak' draft, they are still valuable assets to the Leafs. The picks will either be used at the Draft to acquire new prospects or they will be used in a package deal for a young NHL-ready top-6 forward.

4. The price for Hemsky is likely too high for the Leafs to handle and would likely cost the Leafs assets that they don't want/can't afford to trade away. Hemsky is no doubt a good player, but he is also somewhat injury-prone. Furthermore, the Leafs don't have a spot for him on the right wing. If Hemsky were a capable center, then maybe he'd be worth it for the Leafs, but I don't believe he is.

All in all, just a bad proposal.
Hemsky can play LW as well, I think.

1. Your first point just stated that the reason we won't move Gardiner is because we just acquired him. Yes, he's a PMD that we need, but so is a guy like Jesse Blacker who is also developing very nicely in our system.

2. Bozak has looked solid in a checking role, I agree, but I'd rather get someone else to kill penalties. I am not denying that Bozak has the skill to become a top 6 forward, but I'm just saying that becoming a good penalty killer on a team with a terrible PK overall isn't a great accomplishment.

3. 2 1st rounders are always valuable, but you have to give to get, always.

4. I agree Hemmer is injury prone, but he's one hell of a player when healthy and a great play maker. Our PP will benefit a lot from his addition. And he's only 27, so its not like we're adding an aging veteran to our core.

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