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10-11-2003, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by MissionHockey
Again from a Devils standpoint, I'd do it in a heart beat but the Oilers are getting hosed. You do know Berglund is only 5'11 right? Maybe if the deal went like this:

Oilers get: Rupp, Ahonen, Berglund, Kadiekin

Devils get: Comrie, Rita,

I'm just throwing this out there. I doubt the Oilers would take this too but I heard the are looking for size and checking and they might want Rupp. Although they have a player similar to Rupp in Raffi Torres they could use someone that size down the middle, or so I'e heard.
I sure love how this would help the finns in the deal, from having no shot at getting an influential role for a long time into getting a real chance for both of them.