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02-21-2011, 09:59 AM
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The NHL is more about marketing than it is about fair play. They decided some time ago that Sean Avery was bad for the game. For instance:--the Avery rule was illegaly implemented over the course of 24 hours instead of being debated during the off season and put to a vote like any other rule would have been.

Since then NHL referess--who for whatever reason felt embarrassed by Avery's antics in that one playoff game--have targeted Sean (much like they targeted Kovalev after that one called back goal vs. Quebec in another playoff series--1995?)--the NHL embarrassed by the fallout from the sloppy seconds remarks Avery made have backed them all the way.

Avery's game though seems to be deteriorating to me. Not hard to understand--he's not big and he's been pounding and getting pounded for a long time--not forgetting all the outside activities. He's not a $4 mil per player. For how Torts uses him it's debatable whether he's a $2 mil per year player--what the Rangers are paying for him. NYC seems to be the place he wants to be and yet there doesn't seem to be a future for him here beyond next season. I'm not sure anyone wants him or that Sean would be willing to play anywhere else. Maybe--hometown Toronto.

To be honest I like Avery's brashness and I find it refreshing that he's not your average NHL'er--that he has outside interests that aren't the normal meat and potatoes crap that interests almost every other player--let's go golfing--let's not. What it really comes down to is how effective he's going to be--and right now he's not very effective. Keeping that in mind though he has a lot of company and some of those other guys are getting a free ride while Sean is being targeted over and over again.

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