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02-21-2011, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by smithformeragent View Post
I think that Red Sox fans are ignoring a couple of things. I heard Francona talking yesterday that they got not just one, but two big pieces in the off season. Yes, but they lost a big piece in Victor Martinez so that washes a bit. Also, Beltre was outstanding offensively last year, so is their line-up really going to be that much better? As for the Red Sox pitching, most are counting on Beckett and Lackey to be better this year and for Lester and Buchholz to be just as good as last year. Last year is indicative of the type of pitcher that Lackey is. Beckett, you never know what you're going to get IMO.

I said 95 wins for the Yankees, just because....I don't really have a good reason. I don't even like the Yankees. I can see this division being really tight this year with an improved Baltimore team and a weaker Tampa Bay team. I think that there is so much hype surrounding this Red Sox team, that they might fail. I'd love to see Toronto win the division though.

- Last year was Lackey's worst season since he established himself as an MLB pitcher.

- In addition to Gonzalez and Crawford, add in an extra 50 games of Youkilis, 75 games of Pedroia, an entire season for Ellsbury, and (we hope) an Ortiz who shows up on Opening Night and doesn't slump for over a month to start the year.

- Add Jenks to the bullpen, expect a little bit more out of Bard, and even if Papelbon falters that position is already looking better than it did last year.

- There's no reason to think Buchholz and Lester won't continue to improve.

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