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02-21-2011, 12:18 PM
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I'd pick him up if I were the Oilers.

He's 6'0 210 so he's not a small player. He's 31 so he isn't that old yet. Like others have pointed out he has scored 20+ goals 3 years in a row prior to this season. He has 9 in 57 games this year but he's only played a little over 14 minutes per games so that helps explain the drop in his goals production.

He's a pretty durable player as well... having only missed a total of about 30 games over his 9 season career in the NHL. The Oilers regularly have players that miss that many games each year.

I know many will say the Oilers don't have room for him. That excuse sucks. That's the reason Grabner isn't on this team now. The Oilers stick with players like JFJ and Storts and when something decent comes along they "have no room". Keep in mind that for most of the season the Oilers have at least 2 or 3 players on IR so there is usually plenty of room on the team. Waive JFJ and there's your room.

He isn't exactly cheap at $3 million but he also is already playing in Alberta so he is likely not going to complain if he gets picked up by the Oilers. How else can the Oilers get a multiple 20 goal scorer without giving anything up?

Sure they can't trade him this season (well they actually can... he'd just be offered back to the other teams that put in claims on waivers first)... but in the off season or next season they can likely trade him as part of a bigger package for draft picks/prospects.

I think it's a low risk pickup that should be done. Management has to start seizing some of these opportunities to gradually upgrade their team and this is one very low risk way of doing so.

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