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02-21-2011, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
You don't think Feaster already tried something similar?
Yes I'm sure Feaster has likely tried to get something for him rather than throw him away for nothing but the Oilers have a lot more flexibility in terms of cap space than the Flames who are right up against the cap max. That may have also affected any possible trade for him as well. I'm VERY surprised the Flames can't even get a 7th round pick for him. The guy is obviously worth that seeing as he's actually an established roster player who has decent stats. Obviously his salary of $3 million next year scares some teams away... especially those with very little cap space of their own as well.

It's also possible this is a spur of the moment action by the Flames to quickly clear cap space to make room for another trade.

Whatever the reason... I think it's a very low risk pickup for the Oilers. He's an experienced player who would bring some offense and defense into the roster.

I'm not going to be heart-broken if they don't pick him up (they likely won't anyway) but I think the attitude of management should be to improve the club on waivers when they get these opportunities. They should have done that with Grabner (cheap, speedy, young prospect was a no-brainer low risk pickup as well) and they now should do that with Hagman.

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