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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
having to trade away Bolland or any other established roster players will continue the decline of their roster. take away the usual Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp and the overall skill level isn't the same as last season. Bolland has given them consistent effort and numbers, now take away yet another good supporting player and the depth gets even worse. CHI doesn't have the depth it had last season and can't afford to lose any more of it's L2 - L4 depth.

they are 2 pts out of the race now, but have 2 less wins than those above them (first tiebreaker). they have two if not three games they need to make up to get back into contention. if they don't make the playoffs this's definitely one and done.

i live in CHI and the 'real' (forget about the majority of band wagon fans) Hawks fans are gripping because they know where and how this team is falling apart. they understand the salary cap issues that began this and they understand they didn't have the depth in the minors to replace the lost talent.

personally i don't see any difference between what ANH or CHI did that is different than what teams have done for decades. they made some moves during the season and up to the deadline to supplement their roster. the majority of teams follow this format whether they are buyers or sellers.

the exception to the rule that few follow is going into the playoffs with a roster of mostly home grown players. DET is the most visible team to follow this route. they add a few FA's here and there. they make a big trade by the deadline sometimes. for the most part they continue to succeed with the same guys they drafted and developed.

as much credit as Dale Tallon has been given since CHI won the SC, I find it interesting that I haven't heard much criticism when it comes to the after effect. yes he built a great team. yes he assessed, drafted and developed some great young talent. yes he got the big FA in Hossa. yes he filled out the roster with talented and competent players. BUT what he built and how quickly it had to be torn down due to cap issues should also be criticized. the same way Feaster got roasted in TB after they won and had to rip the team apart. which by the way is finally competing again at that level. for TB that was 2004 and 6 seasons later they are getting back to the elite level.....that is 'one and done'.
Well I'm not saying Bolland would be moved for nothing. Bolland is a good defensive center and I thought he did very well in that role last yr vs Sedin and Thornton. However watching CHIC this season they seem to be missing some of the grinding and board play guys like Buff and Ladd brought.

Maybe a deal like Bolland to LA for Simmonds? LA gets a replacement to Handzus and CHIC gets a budding power forward who still has 20+ goal potential but would probably come with less than half the Cap hit?

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