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02-21-2011, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Mjollnir9 View Post
I too was very leery of this signing, and was pleasantly surprised to see how it turned out last year. The big issue is and always has been: How long can he stay healthy?
He has proven that this concern is not unfounded, and here we are with a 7 million dollar glass man.
To make matters worse, this team is actually playing the way Torts wants, hard, dump and chase, forechecking blue-collar hockey. Maid Marian has never been able to play this style, as he is a glass man. Last year, the team only half bought into Torts system, and let the Maiden dangle, cherry-pick and play how he wanted. Rushes up the ice, quick shots... Now that we are playing more of a cycle, forecheck game, he is very out of place, and his feeble body cannot handle the rigors.
This will go down as an unsuccessful signing, and I have my doubts that the Maiden will ever really produce like he did last year again. He is just not strong enough to build around, and not good enough to keep around.
This is pure insanity. He produced like he produced last year his whole career except this year - 561 points in 625 games. He scored over a point per game for five years in a row before this year. He was hurt for good portions of those years and his injury history is a very real concern but to say that he isn't a great scorer or can't play this or that style is absolutely unfounded.

Do you honestly think if Torts' system was the difference between the team's most talented player being a game breaking monster and a slightly above average player that he wouldn't tweak the system in order to get the most out of that guy? He's not an idiot and neither is Gabby. If he couldn't succeed with this style of play one or both of them would realize this and tweak the way that he or his line plays in order to get the most out of him. We all saw last year and everyone in Minn saw for the past 8 years that when he is in the game he is often the best player on the ice by a lot. But, of course, anonymous internet posters are infinitely smarter than the most winning American born coach of all time and a player that is nearly a PPG over a 600+ game NHL career.

"He's just no good enough to keep around" is a silly knee-jerk statement. Gaborik has been one of the best scorers in the league since he entered it. He's had a down year so far possibly because of a brain injury.

How quickly we forget. This guy WAS the Rangers last year and for almost a decade before that he carried the Wild more or less single handedly. The fact that people here are willing to **** on the guy over the fact that he got a head injury that many, many players in the league have suffered recently is legitimately embarrassing. He didn't trip over a crack in the ice and break his hip or something. This isn't a sign of being a glass man - it's a occupational hazard when you play a fast, violent game on ice for a living.

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