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02-21-2011, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Side effects?
Side effects? He did them for such a short period of time, I doubt there was much. I remember he said something about his piss being disgustingly dark, but I mean this was a few years back that he did it (guy has been back in the gym for a couple months and he went from having gained some chub to nearly having his 6pack showing.. his arms are huge for not working out for over a year).

I don't think he has any other problems though.

Originally Posted by Lars Eller Superstar View Post
... sadly , there's too many ****** in the gym that go on cycles because they are a bunch of wussies that can't wait for developping their body

I know a croatian guy at my gym , we started at the same time , he took steroids after 1 year of working out , and i'm still in better shape than him , lolll
I think the reason my buddy did them was mostly because he snapped his ankle and after 6 months he was still having trouble doing anything more than walking.. the muscle just wasn't coming back.. his ankle is good now though, so I don't think he has any regrets.

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