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02-21-2011, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by CSimpson18 View Post
Why sign him? I think Hagman might help next year. He could contribute on the 4th line a hell of a lot more than JFJ/Smac and he could fill in on the top 9 when injuries hit. He has alot of experience, including pk time and pp time in his past. He's played everywhere from 1st line to 4th line.

Yeah he's overpaid but I think unless we can get Glencross Hagmans's better than most UFAs out there, and most importantly he won't say no to playing in EDM cuz he's under contract. If Lander + Hartikainen/whoever else push for full time roster spots, waive Hagman.
Does it really matter if he 'might' help a little? And we don't just need a couple of wins...We need the space next year to try out our other prospects to help them grow and probably evaluate a few others...Besides, if no one picks him up next year we're now on the hook for another 3m to add to Souray's...It just isn't good asset management. If we were so close to the playoffs that he might take us there, or he was a young prospect, fine. Otherwise, no need, imo..

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