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02-21-2011, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
I think the reason is pretty simple - $65,000 in the AHL compared to $250,000 in the KHL.

I'm pretty sure he wants to play in the NHL, but while he has the chance, why not make enough money to buy a house, a good card, and invest while he's still young which is what the money from the KHL will help him do. He brings home $350,000 after two years (I think he signed for two seasons) and that's enough to buy a good house, a nice car, pay off some debt, and be set for life regardless if he makes the NHL (could easily live off the 100K he'd make in the AHL should he never make it to the NHL).

I don't think the Habs had a problem with it because they know he wants to be an NHLer and they know the KHL is a pretty good league. Plus, at the start of the year, we had a lot of young kids needing ice-time in Hamilton (some European guys to adapt to the NA ice) so letting Trotter develop over there was fine.

He'll be back. He's a good player.

He played two games, I think, in the NHL two years ago. He played on a line with two other rookies (Ryan White & David Desharnais). The first game, they were absolutely phenomenal. The second game, they didn't do much and his stay was done after that.

Right. We're in 6th place. Once the playoffs start, everyone is a contender so don't give me that ********.

I guess we were only a Dominic Moore away from being a 3rd round team last year?


Yeah because that's all that he brings.
That's the aspect which I was wondering about. Thanks.

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