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10-11-2003, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr. van Nostrin
Actually, I think D-vo had a good game considering he like the other forwards were sitting on their ***** for almost half an hour before the game.

As for as comparing D-vo to Dopita, ouch. Ridiculous comparison. Not even close in my opinion.
I agree. I watched the game again yesterday, and when I know the outcome, I can be a little more analytical.

Dvo had a slow start, like everyone except the torque line. But, he was where he was supposed to be on the ice. He provided puck support and didn't make bonehead plays. As the game went on, he was more noticeably involved in the play and looking more comfortable.

This line is all dealing with verying degrees of misfortune. The premature birth of Dvo's son heaped some heavy stress on him and cost him valuable training camp time. Smytty has to adapt to a position switch; his broken finger cost him pre-season games and still hinders his play. Chimmer has to deal with that "football helmet" he's wearing.

These guys were very close to making big things happen. I, for one, am willing to let them gel a little before calling, "off with his head".

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