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02-21-2011, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Paranoid Android View Post
I don't even see how it was charging. Didn't leave his feet, wasn't traveling at a high speed, wasn't an overly violent check. It was just unfortunate that Suter's head took the brute of the impact.
Well, it doesn't say high speed, it says distance traveled, so I figured it was a charge; interference appears to fit, too, cause it clearly wasn't "immediate". Point I was making, in response to the other post - was that I did not think it was a legal hit.

42.1 Charging - A minor or major penalty shall be imposed on a player who skates or jumps into, or charges an opponent in any manner.
Charging shall mean the actions of a player who, as a result of distance traveled, shall violently check an opponent in any manner. A “charge” may be the result of a check into the boards, into the goal frame or in open ice.

56.1 Interference - A strict standard on acts of interference must be adhered to in all areas of the rink.

Possession of the Puck: The last player to touch the puck, other than the goalkeeper, shall be considered the player in possession. The player deemed in possession of the puck may be checked legally, provided the check is rendered immediately following his loss of possession.

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