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Originally Posted by scoutman1 View Post
?????? a person a player plays with can make all the difference in the world, look at Kevin Stevens, would he have been a big time scorer if not for Lemieux...if mackinnon had other linemates for the teams to worry about then it would open up more ice for mackinnon to do his things on the ice, also mackinnon then would not have to do everything himself, so ya it does make a big difference....again I think lazar is a super talented player and a future NHL player to me...just mackinnon to me is a special player...when you play on a team where the next great offensive talent is bronson beaton and you can finish top in scoring out scoring your other teammate by 4 points and that player is not really good he just took advantage of all the open ice he was given and playing with Nathan was why he got most of those points too well you know that KIND OF HINDERS the whole points a bit eh for Nathan LOL if you don't see that well then i give up............lazar is going to be a great talent in the WHL, if you want to go by stats then look at Petan and Reinhart, both finished top 5 in scoring in the tournament, so I guess having those two with you does not help your case in points on the ice a bit nor does it open up space...I had the same fights on this board with Sidney Crosby topic as I am having right now...I don't care if you think lazar is better but what gets me is to think that mackinnon playing on a team where the next closest guy gets 7 points in 7 games and he only got that because he was playing with mackinnon....and then you have a guy who is greatly talented playing on a line with two amazing players who can create for themselves and demand attention from the other team one case you have a guy who has to do it all himself, then you have another case where a guy has two great linemates who are going to be star talents in any league and they all click for a monster line...but yet the guy who has no one who knows how to open up space and really have trouble on the ice keeping up with the talented players so the one player on the team has to be mr everything your saying that linemates do not matter....?????????????????? Well I was there so was lalalaprise and so where a few other posters who will tell you mackinnon was the best there.
Not reading all that without any paragraph breaks. Would get a headache.

Once again, I'm just looking at the two individually. Their skating, shot, physical play, hockey sense, agility.

The fact that you're getting so wound up over a different opinion is mind boggling.

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