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02-21-2011, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Pacem View Post
What an absolutely ******** ****ing move. There is absolutely no reason to get rid of Hagman for nothing. Even if teams weren't willing to trade for him there is no reason to give him away. What happens if Moss goes into a funk and can't score? What happens if Bourque and/or Moss get injured as they do tend to fight the injury bug. Hagman was nice to have as a depth option. Sure he was playing like crap, but he was playing on the 4th line and wasn't publically complaining about it.

What happens if a team we are competing with takes him? We just gave up a veteran roster player who has the ability to be a 20 goal scorer for absolutely nothing to a competing team. Isn't LA looking for a veteran LW?

I don't give a **** if no one wanted to trade for him. There is absolutely no harm in us keeping him on the roster. We shouldn't be trading away picks and prospects for a rental this year. So whats the point of clearing the cap space and or roster spot?

I'm in shock, I can't ****ing believe Feaser would do this. It'll look really bad if a Western Conference team picks him up.
This was how I intially felt when I heard Hagman was waived. Again I am sure that Feaster was burning up for phones to see if he could get a 2nd or 3rd round pick or any pick for that matter. But if he couldn't, why not just have Hagman stay on the team for the playoff run. Hagman is a good enough player and is not a liability at all. I think most can agree that the most logical explanation is that this move is to clear up cap space because Hagman although is expendable is not really dead weight (ie. Kotalik, Staios).

So the next question is, what is the next move going to be? This is what I am really interested in. I would of thought that if any major move went down that Hagman would of been a part of it because everyone else has been playing very good or for the most part quite decent, and why do a major shakeup when the team is playing so well. I tend to think that this move signals the calm before the storm, which I have mixed feelings about. We have now cleared Kotalik and Hagmans salary off our books which is 6.5 million in cap space. And Feaster has said his main goal is to make the playoffs and not trade away any of our core guys. So you have to think a big move is coming. So what is that move going to be and who is going to be leaving? Feaster has said that he has been evaluating the team and been putting a plan together of who he wants to add. Something must be about to go down, this will be Feasters first big move and will likely be a major factor of whether or not he is here long term or not.

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