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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
So your definition of "he sucks" is that he's producing at a 3rd/4th liner production level?

Funny, because that's what he is.

Again, my point remains the same that the people who criticize him hold him to unrealistic expectations.

If there were any other explanation it would be obvious.

What's annoying is the people who apply the general statements of random people and then use them to further their argument against a poster who never stated anything. It makes these conversations impossible to have.

My point all along has been that Avery is a solid 3rd/4th line role player. And he's done nothing this year to change that.

Has he been the same guy that we knew when he came here? Not at all. But again, the reasons why are obvious.

It is what it is. There's people who love Avery and people who hate him. But the people who hold him to higher production standards and then rip him for it are just clueless.
Similarly to how you have written:

Show me where I have asked for more production from Avery.

The evidence is on the ice, in the way he plays the game. You admit that he is nothing like the player that some loved at one time. No matter the reason he is no longer that player. At this level of competency he adds nothing to the team.

In my opinion, the clueless are the ones who think he is the same player he was a few years ago. Without his irritating on-ice behavior he is near useless. And if that is what he has become, he shouldn't be here anymore.

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