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02-21-2011, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by CSimpson18 View Post
Fair points, and no I wouldn't give him 3.0mil. Based on his last 3 years he deserves maybe 2.0, 2.5 tops. This year he's been worth 1.0 to 1.5 but mostly because of his diminished role. So say he's worth somewhere around 1.5-2.2mil. Not the end of the world. You give up nothing, you have an asset you can potentially flip for a pick at the deadline and you have some experience in the lineup.
True, except that you're stuck with his contract for next year. By picking him up you're either a) denying an opportunity for a prospect next season in the bottom six winger position or b) stuck with paying his contract if no one picks him on waivers.

Originally Posted by CSimpson18 View Post
Saying the Oilers can't fit him in when you have JFJ and SMac in the lineup is about the least convincing argument I can imagine.
Saying that Hagman is better than JFJ and Smac is actually the least convincing argument that I can imagine. I'm proposing a lineup that doesn't include JFJ, Smac or Hagman on even the 4th line. Currently our 4th line is Jacques - Reddox - Jones. replace Jacques with Lander or O'marra or Hartikainen or Macdonald and there is no need for Hagman (or JFJ, or SMac), next season I mean.

Originally Posted by CSimpson18 View Post
Oilers have cap space to burn, with few good UFAs this July. And those UFAs that are half decent won't want to come to Edmonton except for an overpayment. In that light, 3.0mil isn't the worst contract in the world. You could end up saving a mil in UFA for a similar player or you could walk away empty handed and have to play JFJ again...

I would think long and hard about claiming him. The arguments against it have failed to convince me not to.
While nicely stated, your arguments have not convinced me to pick up Hagman. The only role I can see him on the Oilers is to replace Jones or Brule if the Oilers trade them, but as I said earlier, there are a number of other prospects who I would rather give the opportunity to, and prospect development is very important reason.

If Hagman was an ace Pk'er or faceoff specialist or shutdown defensiveman, then at least he addresses a need - currently he fulfills no need. As for UFA cap space, I would rather save the $3 million and save it for overpaying on another UFA that actually addresses a need. Say paying Eric Brewer $3 million to be a top 4 dman here instead for example.

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