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02-21-2011, 07:45 PM
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Ugh. Well, here we go.

Originally Posted by Grod View Post
What exactly would an addition of a 3 million dollar skilled winger with limited offensive upside, streaky play and a somewhat withdrawn physical game do for our current place. Occupy a roster spot that is better off being occupied by a younger cheaper version of himself with potential.
Gives the team experience. It seems you want all youth in our bottom 6. I want a vet. We're going to need at least one new player to replace JFJ or SMac(I hope), we don't have guys ready to step in out of camp. Do you want Lander and Hartikainen to come to camp with a spot waiting for them? Internal competition is a good thing. Hamilton need at least a year in OKC. Also Hagman could fill in in the top 6 in case of injuries.

Originally Posted by Grod View Post
How on earth can you begin to argue that Hagman brings a high energy physical game like Jones?! Beyond me.
Not sure. You show me where I began to argue that and then we'll talk.

Originally Posted by Grod View Post
But these being the proponents of his game and having watched him play view him ineffective and a temporary fix.
That's the worst sentence in the history of the language. I'm sorry if you aren't a native english speaker. If you are, well, I'm still sorry...

Originally Posted by Grod View Post
Adding salary without a long term solution is one thing but if you swap salaries and improve in a category we are so painfully lacking were making head-way.
What do you mean by long term solution? He's got one year after this. Oilers have boatloads of cap space and theres no very appealing UFAs to spend it on. We are painfully lacking in veteran presence, so I think that's something Hagman would address. I know its not ideal but he's actually a pretty decent player and quite versatile.

Let me stress that he would NOT steal a roster spot from any of our young guys. If you want to argue that with me show me what you think the roster will look like next October, then we can talk.

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