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02-21-2011, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Chariot View Post
Good luck to him whatever happens. Hopefully a win win for everyone
I hope.
Originally Posted by alphaqup View Post
I don't see him giving up the money.
The reality.
Originally Posted by Leetch66 View Post
The Rangers gave him the contract...It is not the fault of Redden that he got a big contract while his skills started to decline ...that rests clearly on Sather's shoulders .
This has been endlessly debated with all of Sather's poor signings. In reality the player and the agent will determine an amount that they're going to seek, then the agent and the GM discuss the amount, then the GM has to offer the amount. Yes Sather had to offer the contract but their needed to be a negotiation between the GM and the Agent and the Agent needed to know where the player wanted to be or where he valued his player. It's not 100% on Sather, the Player and Agent are involved too. And for that matter so is the Coach who says I want that guy (Redden) over that guy (Streit) because as we all know by know, Sather makes personnel moves based on what his coach wants.
Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Redden and Drury leaving this organization at the same time at the end of the year, would be the best thing to happen to this organization since 94.

I think I'll have to pray to the hockey gods every night for it.
Amen Brother!!!

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