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02-21-2011, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
I guess where I'm standing up for him is that I think he's played well, regardless of the stat sheet.

If people want to bring up a 3rd/4th liners point production as a huge criticism when it's really not terribly off of what you should expect is not something I understand.

He hasn't had his 10 goals like he normally does but I've said it's because he can't go to the front of the net. He's still done a good job forechecking and controlling the puck and playing physical.
See, this is where a lot of people, including myself are disagreeing with you. Controlling the puck in the corners and forechecking are wonderful things. Marcel Hossa was particularly good at them. But just like with Hossa, if nothing happens from all this puck control and forecheck, then how is this playing well or even a benefit to the team? The purpose of the forecheck is to make something happen, not take seconds off the clock. If you never, ever, get to the front of the net, you never really build momentum. Your grinders who can't hit twine still have to create chances. Something has to happen on the ice. He has good shifts here and there, but they're more the rarity than the usual.

Besides, the refs are no harder on him this year than they ever have been in the past few years, so why can he suddenly not go to the front of the net now?

And still, his production is 60% of what we've come to expect out of Avery. How is that not "terribly off"?

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