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02-21-2011, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Grod View Post
I understand that Calgary is tight to the cap but it seems clear to me that there isn't much market interest for a player like Hagman because he brings one element that he is unable to cement himself with. That being his offense. He comes and goes as he pleases. Shows up on occassion with a flash that bias' fans eyes.

There are cheaper more effective options out there for the suggested role. He is better than JFJ or Smac for sure. But he lacks the physical element they bring. Besides that Fraser is a center. If we could pursue a forward with a combination of both much like Jones than we would have a valid target. Ryan Carter for instance, now he would have been a usable pickup at one point.

We have players like O'Marra and Vande-Velde that need a longer look than Fraser. Fraser is expendable imo. Great character but crappy player. There will be more than a few FA fish along with a potential deadline deal where we could move someone like Penner for a usable body and a 1st round selection. I'd even consider Hagman and first +. In that case Hagman is an able body up front where is his best asset is up front where it should be. In the top six.
Doesnt matter that Fraser is a Center, the Oilers are loaded with people who do and can play center. Is Fraser even effective at anything?

JFJ has a measily 8 goals in 142 games. He can hit, sometimes.

SMAC has 14 hits in 17 games and barely plays 3 minutes a game. I cant even remember him fighting much this year. He knocked Ivanans out in game 1 and has been invisible. Why not throw in somebody with almost 700 NHL games played?

I know Hagman isn't the answer to the Oilers problems. There are many of them... Lets say that the Oilers do bring up Omarra and VV and then sign Carter... There will be injuries and slumps for sure. If the Oilers are done tanking and want to make a real run at trying for the playoffs, it would sure be nice to have guys that have been around for a while who can fit into the 2nd line if needed and would be an upgrade over many players still on the roster.

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