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07-22-2005, 08:14 AM
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Charlie Sherman is a radio personality that has a morning show in the Manchester area and works with Ken Cail as an announcer for Monarchs games. Sherman is a "good friend" of Monarchs President Jeff Eisenberg, they play in several local fundraiser golf tournaments together and that kind of stuff. On his show this morning, Sherman was talking about the search process to find the woman hired to replace Jeff Giuliano's father as the Superintendent of schools in Nashua, NH (Jeff's dad is retiring). He used it to set-up some comments about the Monarchs hiring a new head coach.

Sherman said "the Monarch's are going to hire a guy they just fired as the new head coach" then suggested that they're going through a nation wide search for appearances sake then:

Angela (co-host): I don't know about that Charlie...

Sherman: Trust me on this one...

The impression I got from Sherman's comments is that Hughes has been their guy all along and they're just going through the motions to give it credibility...

Today's Union Leader has a story that states the field has been narrowed to 4 possibilities and Hughes is one of them...

The last of the four interviews is today, Murray has met one-on-one with the candidates...

Gilmore indicated they'd like to announce a new coach prior to the July 30 entry draft...

From the UL story:

Speaking in general terms about the qualities the Kings expect to find in a new coach, Gilmore said, "Someone who understands the concept of development and our view of that. Never win at the cost of development, but to develop well you have to win.

"Someone who understands the work ethic and tone set by (Murray) at this level . . . everything flows down from the top. The system and work ethic are all structured the same way," Gilmore said.


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