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02-21-2011, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by adevandry View Post
Yeah that's it. Let's all assume Lombardi is clueless and has no idea what trades are being discussed around the league. It makes it so much easier for his supporters to make sarcastic jokes.

Do you honestly think Lombardi had no idea that Neal was being shopped?

One would hope that an NHL GM would have enough creativity and camaraderie with fellow GMs to improve his team.
LMAO of course he knew he was being shopped,

He also knew the sound of a dial tone as Nieuwendyk hung up on him.

He also knows the sound of laughter from fellow GM's at him for thinking Dallas would trade Neal to him, in one of the tightest playoff races in history,

But hey, let's hate on Lombardi because you didn't get your way! lmao seriously bud, give your head a shake.

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