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02-21-2011, 10:44 PM
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The problem with having the job plus the Cisco courses to get my certifications at BCCC is that from when I last saw that they had the courses starting back in August or something like that, they only had classes during the day time, which means I would of run into some crazy problems with that and work. I know my grandmother, aunt and uncle will help pay for my education, even if a few loans needs to be brought out, but the other problem is, how things are, if I were to get this job, I wouldn't have my own place off the bat. More than likely I'd have to drive to work from here and on a work day, it will take me at least an hour to get to work (from here to Newtown it takes 35 minutes without traffic problems, but it takes about 47 for me to get where I used to work) and the new job would be in Conshohocken (48 mins via Google and on a work day, I'd say at least an hour and 10 minutes). No payment on the gas and getting there, waking up early would be a total *****. Considering how bad of gas mileage I have on my CR-V, it's going to suck to drive there and back and probably have to pay gas about every other day or so. I know some people go further for work, but they also get paid more than $15 an hour. Just a few minutes ago I did apply at the CVS stores in the area to be a pharmacy tech (I was one for a month) and be able to take their test and get paid decently until I finished all my classes and certifications. I'm not just going to rely on CVS, I will look for other opportunities. But I think I might be trying to have all my goals at once, in the same basket and try to find jobs from there. With a Cisco Certification, you can get anywhere between 40K and 60K as an Network Admin and 50K and 75K as a Network Engineer. Even Sr. Systems Engineers (after working for a long time) can get 70K to 100K a year. Plus I'm sure having the A+ and Net+ will really help that cause.

Right now I don't feel confident in myself from what I've learned from my 5 years of college (graduated in May 2010) and by taking these certifications and classes, I feel that I will have a new sense in what I can and cannot do in the IT world.

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