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02-22-2011, 01:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Also, how can anyone use the excuse that "It's not Dean's fault there aren't any forwards available" when it was Dean himself who created the Kings lack of talent up front.

Everyone seems to always have an excuse not to acquire a player. Cammy wasn't worth five million, Gaborik wasn't worth 5 years, Hemsky is injury prone, Semin could leave as a FA, Penner is soft.

Risk adverse people rarely make it big in the NHL or in any facet of life, eventually you have to be willing to roll the dice and make a move, there is going to be a risk in any FA or trade the Kings make.
I think the real trick is waiting for your team to be that one piece away. Detroit and Chiacgo did it with Hossa, and they both went to the cup finals, with one of them winning it. On the reverse, a team which did sign several of those big ticket players, the NYR, weren't one piece away, and where have those signings got them? They were lucky to unload Gomez, they can't give away Drury and gaborik is having an up-and-down year on the ice and health wise, just as many were concerned about. Imaigine if Gainey didn't help them out and take Gomez? They'd have about $22.5 million tied up in three players, or nearly 38 per cent of their cap, only one of which is remotely worth it.

If DL thinks LA is that one player away from being a cup contender, he needs to do the trade/signing. If not, sit back and keep building the talent/depth from within.

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