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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
The Kings would not be in any danger of losing JJ or Doughty had they made any of these signings because Smyth and his $6.2 mill a year cap hit would not be here.

Doughty and JJ were never leaving over money, that is a pathetic excuse you guys come up with when making excuses for why the first line LW and 2nd line center holes have not been filled.

How is $5 mill a year overpaying for Cammalleri, that is the going rate for players of his level.

Still no idea how you can defend not paying those guys what they are making then you turn around and defend Smyth's contract?

Let me guess, when Williams leaves this summer because Dean won't pay him the going rate you will just say he is overpaid too.
2nd line center hole? Wow, haven't watched a game this year have you? You would see Stoll there,

Anyways, 5 million a year for Cammalleri at THE TIME HE WAS ASKING FOR IT, was a gross overpayment, but hey, revisionist history again,

Again, how is Gaborik panning out for NYR this year?

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